Organic Lemongrass Powder



– Brand: DACE

– Appearance: Finely ground powder

– Ingredients: 100% from dried lemongrass

– Color: Ivory white

– Taste: Aroma, slightly spicy taste of lemongrass

– Humidity: 10%

– Material area: Cao Bang

– Packed in glass jars, net weight 40g, 60 jars/carton

– EXP: 18 months.

NOTE: Prices on the web are currently retail prices for reference. Customers who want to buy wholesale/large quantity, please contact hotline: (+84) 972.499.959

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DACE organic lemongrass powder is made from lemongrass plants grown organically in the northern mountainous areas of Vietnam – where the temperature range is high and the climate is unique. This has created a very characteristic lemongrass scent, pleasant and cool. The product not only brings delicious flavor to the dishes, but also has many good uses for human health.



– Choose natural fresh lemongrass, not withered, not broken, rotten, moldy.

– Lemongrass is removed old leaves, washed and drained.

– Cut lemongrass into medium sized slices.

– Dry at a suitable temperature to reach a reasonable moisture content.

– Finely milled, sieved to achieve uniform fineness.

– Use an artifact detector to completely remove impurities.

– Close the sterilized, dried glass jars.

– Conduct test samples to meet food safety and hygiene standards.



– DACE organic lemongrass powder is used to marinate ingredients; make tea; seasoning dishes; make dipping sauce.

– Use as seasoning for weaning for babies from 8 months old; taste enhancement; Stimulate the taste buds, help the baby eat better.



– Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, away from insects.


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