In essence, the processing done by DACE is rather limited. The prime purpose of the processing is to preserve the product and facilitate the use of the product by the customer. The conditions have been chosen such that they limit the effects on the product as much as possible while retaining its superior quality. The whole organization of the processing operation is such that we fully comply with the standards for organic production.

Immediately after harvest, the farmer will package the product, which is then transported to the DACE factory in Hanoi. In some cases it will be sold fresh after a further quality check but mostly it will be processed further.

Depending on the product, the following processing steps can be done in our factory:

Freezing (for peppers only at this moment)

Slicing, to reduce the size of the product.

Drying to preserver the product’s quality

Grinding to the required mesh size depending on the customer’s requirement

Packaging in bags


The packaging in retail packaging is done in a plant in Hanoi, which is contracted by us. All work there is done under the direct supervision of DACE employees and complies fully with organic standards.


Jointly with our farmers we operate a tracking and tracing system to be able to follow a product lot both forward and backward in the chain.