In DACE’s business model, people are the main focus, the values and benefits  are equally shared. In general, for more than 7 years of establishment and  development, the social impacts are shown throughout the following  indicators:

Sustainable production and consumption: Organic farming at DACE farm is  based on traditional practices, combined with research on biotechnology,  applying microbiological technology to increase and preserve productivity,  plant protection in our cultivation area. 

Responding to/adapting to climate change: DACE has cooperated with  Academy of Sciences to share the care with Mother Earth.

Poverty alleviation: DACE currently associates 300 hectares of organic spice  production with more than 3000 ethnic households (H’Mong, Tay, Nung) in  remote areas. In the five years of association, the income of people  participating in the association model increased 6 times compared to before,  the number of poor households decreased from 96% in 2016 to 65% in 2020. 

Quality of education: DACE regularly organizes shoes support activities for  100% primary school children and warm clothes for preschool children to help  them go to school. 

Gender equality: In 2020, DACE signed a MOU with the Women’s Union of Ha  Quang District in propaganda and training on organic agricultural production  for women in the villages. Thereby, 458 meetings and trainings for women on  production planning, knowledge of organic farming has been conducted in  2020. 

Sanitation – environment: 100% of village roads and villages are cleaned, 78%  of households compost manure, helping to reduce environment pollution. The  production of organic agricultural products also requires all participating  households not to use chemical fertilizers, helping to reduce negative impacts  on the air, soil, and biota and help the ecosystem to develop a natural and  sustainable way. 

2. VNL (3) (1)

Sustainable, comprehensive and continuous economic growth: In 2018,  DACE signed a MOU with the People’s Committee of Ha Quang district on  the planning of organic agricultural areas in Ha Quang district with separate  mechanisms. This is the 1st organic cultivation zone in Vietnam with the goal  of expanding to 500 hectares by 2025


Forest protection and development: Biodiversity conversation: with the  cooperation and association of organic spice production with DACE, 56% of  households in Luc Khu, Ha Quang district have focused on spice production,  not living in the forest, harming forest ecosystems such as burning forests,  collecting forest products or catching wildlife from the forests. In addition,  the development of indigenous spices such as ginger, turmeric, chili, garlic  and lemongrass helps preserve indigenous varieties, which are of high quality  and highly appreciated by highly demanded international customers. 


Enhancing implementation methods and promoting global partnership for  sustainable development: with the transformation in cooperation and  business, for more than 6 years, DACE has bridged many large and many  customers, research organizations, NGO to visit, research and support local  people in building an effective linkage model for organic agricultural  productions. 

In addition to the factor of production, processing and packaging factors at  the factory are also concerned and focused to ensure an efficient working  environment, ensuring the health and life workers. DACE is committed to  building a working environment with: 

  • No underage labour.
  • Employees are guaranteed full rights under the laws of Vietnam. Employees are respected in the organization and have the right to negotiate.
  • Safe and hygienic workplace.
  • Ensuring appropriate working and resting time, ensuring according to labour law.
  • Work is guaranteed regularly.
  • Workers are protected from unfair and inhumane treatment. Employees income ensures their lives and is continuously improved.