DACE was born on September 9, 2023, in Vietnam. DACE is the name of a highly intelligent, agile, and vigorous fish. This type of fish can swim anywhere in the ocean, even against the current, to find its own blue ocean. The image of the DACE company is similar to that. DACE is currently a leading company in organic spices, delivering high-quality products from Vietnam, with the mission of “bringing Vietnamese flavors to conquer the world’s dining tables.”

DACE was founded by two former students of the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture, with a dream of building a sustainable production-consumption chain for agricultural products in Vietnam


Mr. Trần Văn Hiếu


Ms. Phạm Thị Bích Thuỷ

At DACE we concentrate on developing a selected range of important organic spice products: ginger, chili, turmeric, garlic, lemongrass, star anise and cinnamon.

The main growth area for our products is in Cao Bang with an available acreage of over 2300 hectares. Here we cooperate with more 3000 local farmers and with the support of local authorities, we have invested in building the agricultural value chain of organic spices. The Ha Quang district and Thach An district in the Cao Bang province is low-income farming areas. The chosen collaboration models, with the help from the local authorities, results in a benefit for all parties involved.

At DACE we run a factory in Hanoi and a factory in Cao Bang to ensure the supply of products to our customers. Together with our farmers we have obtained the organic certifications for Europe, USA and Japan for the cultivation and the processing of our organic spices.

DACE’s organic products have been being exported to Europe, EK, USA, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and others. We are hard working in love to develop the business for the benefit of our staff, farmers and our customers.


our beliefs

We want to develop our business by offering a fair deal to all involved. At DACE we are an equal opportunity employer. In fact, both in the factory and in our office, more women than man are employed. We offer our farmers not only a good minimum price for their products and a plus if the margins are good, but we also support them technically and with the schooling of the children in their families.

DACE's Timeline


Export to Japan


Dace received certificate

DACE obtained USDA, EU Organic, JAS organic certification and started exporting to Europe.


Open to World

Officially put products directly into the market to Japan and Korea


DACE Company was officially established

Built spice products in series, from production, collection, processing and export.


Founded by Mr. Hieu & Ms. Thuy

Started testing spice models in the Northern mountainous provinces, there in 1ha of ginger in Ha Quang District, Cao Bang Province