Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a herbaceous plant occurring in the tropics and subtropics, mainly in South and Southeast Asia

Ginger originates in Southeast Asia and was already a popular spice in Asia in ancient times. Later, it was brought to Greece and Rome by Arab traders. People in Germany and France knew ginger as early as the 9th century and by the 10th century it was introduced to England and quickly became popular in Europe. From the 13th century onwards, ginger was planted in East Africa and in other (sub) tropical countries in the 19th century. Currently, the three largest ginger growing and exporting countries in the world are India, China and Indonesia.

In Vietnam, ginger is grown in many places. However, according to French experts, ginger plants grown in the northern mountains of Vietnam have the best quality. Ginger plants are grown on porous, cool, moist soil all year round, The large temperature variations during the 4 seasons in the north of Vietnam, as well as the big differences between day and night temperature along with the northern winds (wind of the pig) make the ginger root more aromatic and more spicy, a unique feature of Ginger from the northern mountains of Vietnam.

In Vietnam, ginger occurs in two types: buffalo ginger: large, less fibrous, less spicy and brown ginger: smaller roots, spicy and more fibrous.

Ginger is not only a familiar spice, adding flavor to dishes, but also helps the body to digest and absorb food. Ginger is used to enhance digestion and fight nausea, reduce signs of colitis, is reported to prevent colon cancer, reduce cholesterol and prevent arthritis. Next to this, ginger is used in cosmetic products for a variety of reasons: stimulating hair growth, anti-aging, soothing burns, removing acne and bruises, brightening skin, exfoliating, reducing redundant fat.

Ginger is sourced from our growing region in Cao Bang, a mountainous province in the far north of Vietnam. Ginger is grown in valleys at the foot of limestone mountains, where it is cultivated using organic farming techniques. The ginger grown here is more spicy and aromatic than ginger grown in other regions.

From that special organic ginger raw material, we have been manufacturing and exporting ginger root products: