Organic Turmeric Powder



– Brand: DACE

– Appearance: Finely ground powder.

Ingredients: 100% organic dried turmeric.

– Color: Dark orange yellow.

– Taste: Aroma, bitter taste characteristic of turmeric.

– Material area: Cao Bang.

– Curcumin content: ~ 5.7%.

– Packed in glass jars, net weight 55g, 60 jars/carton.

– EXP: 18 months

NOTE: Prices on the web are currently retail prices for reference. Customers who want to buy wholesale/large quantity, please contact hotline: (+84) 972.499.959

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DACE Organic Turmeric Powder is made from Sticky Turmeric, a traditional spice of Northern Vietnam, with a dark yellow color and characteristic aroma.

Fresh turmeric, after going through the process of separation and filtration, removing impurities, will be washed, sliced, dried and finely ground to obtain pure turmeric powder that ensures high curcumin content (the most valuable active ingredient in turmeric). turmeric). Products are processed according to a completely closed process by modern machinery, ensuring food hygiene and safety, superior quality compared to manual or small-scale turmeric powders.



– Choose natural fresh turmeric, not broken, stamped, rotten, moldy.

– Turmeric is washed and drained.

Cut the turmeric into medium sized slices, neither too thin nor too thick.

– Dry at a suitable temperature to achieve a reasonable moisture content.

– Grind and sieve to achieve uniform fineness.

– Use foreign body detector to completely remove impurities.

– Close the sterilized, dried glass jars.

– Conduct test samples to meet food safety and hygiene standards.



– DACE organic turmeric powder is used to marinate ingredients, color dishes, season dishes.



– Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, away from insects.

– Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.



– DACE organic turmeric powder is used to color dishes extremely safely, making dishes have a pleasant aroma, especially eliminating fishy odors with some fresh foods such as fish, eel, goat meat.

– Helps fade scars, for new scars can heal completely. In addition, turmeric powder also has the effect of anti-pigmentation, whitening, and reducing acne.

– Helps to lose weight safely, effectively and without dehydration.

– Support to reduce stomach ulcers, good for the digestive system.


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