Organic Garlic Powder



– Brand: DACE

– Appearance: Finely ground powder.

– Ingredients: 100% from dried garlic.

– Color: Light yellow.

– Taste: Aroma, slightly spicy taste of garlic.

– Humidity: 6%

– Material area: Cao Bang.

– Packed in glass jars, net weight 65g, 60 bottles/carton.

– EXP: 18 months.

NOTE: Prices on the web are currently retail prices for reference. Customers who want to buy wholesale/large quantity, please contact hotline: (+84) 979.485.637

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DACE organic garlic powder is made from garlic variety, organically grown in the autumn-winter season in the mountainous areas of northern Vietnam. That has created a very unique and attractive garlic flavor. Garlic powder is smooth, has a characteristic light yellow color. The product is safe for health, used as a spice to replace fresh garlic in food processing.



– Choose fresh natural garlic, not crushed, rotten, moldy.

– Garlic is removed stem, root, peel and washed.

– Drying at the right temperature by advanced drying technology, both ensuring the required moisture and keeping the aroma of garlic.

– Dried garlic is ground into a fine powder.

– Use foreign body detector to completely remove impurities.

– Close the sterilized, dried glass jars.

– Conduct test samples to meet food safety and hygiene standards.



Garlic powder is often used to marinate seafood, meat used for cooking, baking, frying, snacking, fast food, and cold food.

– Use seasoning weaning for children from 8 months of age and older; complete nutritional supplements; Stimulate baby’s taste



– Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, away from insects.



– Is a food rich in antioxidants that neutralize free radicals, preventing substances from damaging cells in the body.

– Support people with flu

– Anti-inflammatory, strengthen the body’s resistance


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