Organic Ginger Powder



– Brand: DACE

– Appearance: Finely ground powder.

Ingredients: 100% organic dried ginger.

– Color: Light yellow.

– Taste: Aroma, hot taste characteristic of ginger.

– Material area: Cao Bang.

– Net weight: 55g/bottle, 60 vials/carton.

– EXP: 18 months.

NOTE: Prices on the web are currently retail prices for reference. Customers who want to buy wholesale/large quantity, please contact hotline: (+84) 979.485.637

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Ginger is a familiar medicinal herb to Vietnamese people, however, to harvest quality, low-fiber, nutritious ginger roots; requires careful planting and care.

DACE Organic Material Area in Cao Bang is applied Sustainable organic agriculture ensures safety from soil and water sources, plant varieties, fertilizers do not contain chemical ingredients and are especially friendly to the environment; produces high quality Fresh Ginger products from Vietnamese hands.

DACE is always proud to develop Vietnamese organic agriculture that meets the strictest international inspection standards, bringing Vietnamese spices and herbs to the world!



– Choose natural fresh ginger, not broken, stamped, rotten, moldy.

– Ginger is washed and drained.

Slice the ginger into medium sized slices, neither too thin nor too thick.

– Dry at a suitable temperature to achieve a reasonable moisture content.

– Grind and sieve to achieve uniform fineness.

– Use foreign body detector to completely remove impurities.

– Close the sterilized, dried glass jars.

– Conduct test samples to meet food safety and hygiene standards.



– Used to marinate ingredients, color dishes, seasoning dishes to replace fresh ginger

– Use to make ginger water to help reduce flatulence and strengthen resistance



– Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, away from insects.



– Reduce joint pain

– Soothes sore muscles

– Anti-inflammatory, enhance resistance

– Improves digestion, reduces heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux

– Prevent cancer


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